Houston on Hold...How to Help.

As the days pass, the questions remain the same.

What will I do to pass the time? Am I really surviving?....”coughs”…am I infected with the Coronavirus?! Oh well, work must go on and even though the world stays on alert we have an obligation to do our part…. Function & Survive.

One thing we have learned about our human race is the passionate fight to stay at the top and let's not leave out the need to overly stock like it’s Dooms Day.

Which person are you? If you’re stockpiling paper products this blog may not be for you. This message is for the money makers, creators, consumers, and anyone looking to keep the local economy thriving.

What can you do as a consumer?

Support and Shop Small.

This is a time of Quality vs Quantity. This goes beyond buying something off a shelf.

It’s time to invest in a handmade product, personally collected item, or a self-employed service that has a mission and motive to keep pushing forward at times like this. Your inquiry can come across with a boost of inspiration for anyone depending on a sale.

Online Attendance is alive and well. With basic social media, you can be present and make a difference in the local community. Follow local business pages, support by sharing daily discounts, tag yourself as a walking advertisement. Brands need our business right now. Let’s do our part.

What can you do as a business owner?

Keep the creative juices flowing! Treat each day with a new approach. Whatever didn’t work yesterday will not be on the agenda today. What have I not tried and can I execute it correctly?

Social Distancing with Social Media on demand.

This is the time to gain new followers, network and plan for recovery. Use your pages, sites, and media as a way to keep building your brand. There are opportunities to stay connected. Most importantly WRITE YOUR IDEAS DOWN! Keep a log of every thought that comes to mind. You never know which one will stick and be the one to carry you through this time of uncertainty.

Then we find ourselves tempted to NOTHING at all. THIS IS OK! Keep in mind there are others enjoying the social distance. It’s OK to disconnect. Disengage. Disconnect. Sometimes workaholics need to break away from the very obsessions that keep us distracted from the most natural part of living. This is a time to reflect and press

in most cases. Take a new approach and tackle what has been trailing behind us for so long. No plans to shop or stock up. Minimal Living may be the smarter way. No better time then to just sit still... and watch the world on pause that has been evolved to run circles around us.

No matter which way we look at it there is work to be done, if we choose to stand still and take a time out that's called self care. Working on ourselves is what creates the mold to be able to even help others. Right now our city is at a standstill, businesses are in limbo and everyday we face a pandemic that we are new to. Right now is the time to start a ripple effect. Share a friends business, order from a local eatery, spread the word about shopping small. Most of all use this time as the new spotlight to fight for local businesses and keep the self employed community in service.

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