The Process is a part of the Progress

Having a child diagnosed with Autism comes with all types of raw emotions. Many times it doesn't even feel like we were built for what's ahead....but then we take charge and our worlds are pieced together in the beautifully and baffling world of Autism.

Often we find ourselves just going through the motions without letting the eMOTIONS soak all the way in. We continue to look at our child as our own, however now we must brace ourselves and adapt to how society will now perceive them.

For Carla Sue, she is finding herself in the early stages of her journey.

Speaking public about her sons diagnosis is just another stepping stone to not only share her story but to share his brilliance. To show why it is imperative to NOT let labels define us.

You can find cameos of Kaleb in her live streams or Instagram stories. Never too shy to join in on the audio and pop up with his captivating presence. However "claiming the term" has been a big deal for Carla AS IT SHOULD BE because we don't want to categorize our life creations as anything less than perfect.

Stamping medical diagnosis can sometimes feel like we are stripping them of their main identity. For Carla this is still just the beginning of speaking out and what better time to speak out then now?!


Carla is the definition of a hard working, creative visionary, vibrant vendor, to organizer custom making, late night slaying, entrepreneur to no end, with a hustle that speaks through her straight to the point products, catchy social media videos, and vibrant personality. SHE'S CARLA SUE HOUSTON YA'LL! She makes Houston Dope!

Then there is also the motivating mommy with a message and that revolves her world with her son Kaleb. "Living on the spectrum means that I have a beautifully & unique child made exactly how God intended."

Yes! This we know. No one could handle the ups and down of living with a child with Autism than the ones chosen. Living on the spectrum has it's moments and we find ourselves doubting our purpose, our strength, connections with society...sometimes even the connection to our own brain!

For Carla Sue, she continues to works full time and even with her business in full swing she has to figure out what works best so that her family can still succeed as Kaleb continues to make strides. With each and every passage of progress, Carla learns how to process!

Being diagnosed with Autism does not come with a manual or a glimpse into what your future holds. We have no idea what the day ahead even brings! "It's definitely a process that requires a lot of patience, but it's been so beautiful watching my son work so hard to achieve different milestones."

Patience becomes apart of you and as it grows on you...so does your confidence. The confidence is needed to get us through the most complex days!

The days that feel longer than needed, the tears that fall between repeated moments, and one accomplishment out of 100 attempts that become the fuel to your fire. This is what makes Girl Boss/ Mega Moms like Carla Sue Houston apart of the Au-some impact...because it's the day to day process that verifies your progress! You just figure it out and see the amazing part of raising someone with autism. The brilliance, the sensitive side, the spot on analytics that only they can show us. It's nothing short of amazing.

"One thing I have learned is that Autism doesn't make your child less amazing than they already are...it makes them even more amazing." -Carla Sue

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