The Community is not Closed

Greetings from inside my walls of "quarantine" status and the most insane, groundbreaking, life changing, worldwide pandemic to ever happen right before our eyes.

Not only is this a learning lesson for families, medical healthcare fields, and our government...but it's a first for BUSINESSES of all kinds.

This is specifically tragic for self made entrepreneurs, local businesses, start up companies, investors, artists, and anyone that depends on local networking, organized events, and everything the CDC has us banned from at the moment.

The shops, office spaces, and "unessential" businesses are closed but we the people behind them are still living minute to minute trying to avoid Covid-19 WHILE trying to come out untarnished, relivent, and anything but broke.

For this reason, it has become imperative that our minds must remain at work to keep our visions valuable or else you will be sucked into this sudden hole of Unlimited Time. Although, too much time has also allowed us to actually take a minute for ourselves and enjoy being home for once. One weekend off is usually by luck, but to have a month off may feel more unprecedented than the virus itself. How odd does it feel to have your calendar on hold? Personally, I feel restricted to plan ahead because we do not know what tomorrow brings....much less a month from now.

So what's next?

Before the world was ordered to Stay Home we were connected by our sense of Community. We depended on interaction to breed and grow our businesses, we used people to influence our next move, we never considered the term "social distancing" other than the times we needed to revaluate connections.

Now we are virtually dependable and have seen the community close their doors and get creative in other ways. We can take this opportunity to reconnect with what we may have lost within ourselves in a world of rushing through the day.

Now is the time to make lists, set goals, and most importantly use this time to catch up on what held you back from following through with completing your check list in the first place.

Stay CONNECTED with your community, supporters, and social media. All though work is at a standstill, we can still put plans into motion and give our followers and peers something to look forward to. Social media has brought them right into our living rooms and provides us to be our most authentic self. Spark conversations, we are living in a moment of phone conferences, group chats, and live streams just to get a sense of what everyone is doing and how everyone is holding up. It actually feels bittersweet to know this blocked off time will eventually fade and our lives will pick up full speed once it does. It took a medical crisis for us to appreciate true down time and not only value our success but value our health.

So on we go... back to another day in quarantine, shelter in place, lock down, staycation, work from home mode, any or all of the above. Another day of uncertainty, with no clue what the next several days look like. Although, we do know that our community is not closed, there are preparations in the mix, money to be made, and our loyal following ready to support. No doubt this is a risky and unpredictable time for self employed and local businesses, we have to look forward to the day when this passes. Move forward towards better days and what we can highly anticipate...Economy Boost! Till then stay home, think positive, create, self care, and stay connected as there is plenty of opportunities waiting for us on the other side.

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