Creating for a Cause

After Bella was born, she faced challenges that would mold her to be the warrior she is today. There is no question the Rivas Family is built for breakthroughs and battles that continue to make an impact in many communities. For Roxanne Rivas her battle came with a purpose that would speak volumes to the autism community while sharing Bellas story.

At first Roxanne believed Bella was delayed due to early health scares and surgeries with her kidney. It wasn't long before the word "autism" was brought up. Roxanne would find herself thrown in a world of research, remedies, therapies, and many trips to the doctor's office and hospital. Even with her head deep in medical madness, she would lead by example and show this was not only a new adjustment but it would be a daily lifestyle.

Once Bella was diagnosed, Roxanne quit her full time job so she could care for her children and cater to the special needs of living in an autistic atmosphere. Some of those daily obstacles included heading out in public with the uncomfortable stares from anyone who did not know Bella on a personal level. After looking for some type of autism accessory, it became apparent to Roxanne that there were no official identifiers on the market. With a clear vision in mind, the first Autism pin was created and Madebrite Creations was born.

The identifier was yet another breakthrough for Roxanne and her family. With her husband and friends behind her, she took her business online and popped up at local events around Houston. She was able to showcase her hand crafted brilliance and take her daughters story mobile. Her identifiers motivated her to produce autism accessories for the supporters to sport as well.

The beauty behind Bella's story was pushing Roxanne to single handedly produce massive amounts of inventory per request and order even when her hands were full at home.

As her business gained momentum she still had to make sure Bella was getting through her days with growth and guidance. Roxanne challenged her speech daily with books, songs, and videos. "Living with a child on the spectrum means I have to push her harder, be more patient, learn to not stress over what she can't understand, but be thankful for the things I never thought she could do......but does. IT MEANS WITNESSING A MIRACLE EVERYDAY." Bella would soon go from being completely non verbal to learning words with practice and prompts from her mom.

Roxanne also found a way to balance life with Bella as her #1 advocate while build her brand in a way that worked for her. She began to open up and share her story with positive messages and Bella's experience along the way. When it comes to living with a disability, Roxanne believes people should have more compassion. "If someone looks like they are struggling or different from the next person, they are probably dealing with a disability....be Kind!"

Society is still learning to understand socially awkwardness, isolation, stemming, outbursts,

all of the challenges that our children on the spectrum are dealing with. As a parent you wrap your mind around thinking what you can do to solve their problems. "If I could take all her fears, all her anxiety, and all the things she struggles with...I would in a heartbeat."

These are the daily thoughts of a passionate mom like Roxanne Rivas that keep her striving to provide for her daughter in any way necessary. She is the voice Bella follows and a motivated mom with a story. When you see a puzzle pieced accessory made by Madebrite Creations there is purpose and mission behind it. There is a devoted mom behind the sewing machine creating a way to share what she's learned.

We want to spread autism awareness as well as encouragement. Thank you Roxanne for sharing your story and bringing the colors of autism to life through Madebrite Creations.

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